The welfare2work system from Kaonix provides a complete set of tools for coaches/advisors, clients/jobseekers and employers or employer engagement teams. It is designed to streamline the process for sourcing and matching relevant jobs, resulting in significantly increased placements and revenue.

The system can be summarised as enabling:

  • advisors to meet their contractual placement targets;
  • jobseekers to find sustainable employment, and
  • employers to quickly identify good candidates from your talent pool.
  • All of the tools are delivered via the Internet with a dedicated user interface (or web portal) for each.




    Central to the welfare2work system is a unique vacancy aggregator that automatically searches the UK's top sources of relevant jobs, including employer sites, niche sites, public sector sites, national apprenticeship site, in fact all Internet sites where relevant job content is likely to be found.

    Our vacancy sourcing capability is fast becoming the industry standard - not just with prime and sub-contractors but also with technology providers who supply the welfare sector – as we can seamlessly integrate the vacancy sourcing service with their systems.

    With over 5 years’ experience of working in the welfare sector, we have developed our vacancy aggregator which was designed to address the specific needs of the long-term unemployed, for example:

  • our robots visit each target site, not weekly or twice weekly, but every single day;
  • all new, amended, and deleted jobs in the last 24 hours are captured - so jobseekers experiencing the message “sorry this job has now expired” is kept to an absolute minimum;
  • recruitment agencies usually post the same vacancy to an average eight different job boards, we employ a number of duplication techniques to ensure each vacancy in our database is unique;
  • job vacancies are analysed for quality – they must contain as a minimum job title, job description, location, salary, contact details and application process;
  • all vacancies are mapped to industry standard SOC codes, and whenever possible we match job seeker home post codes to that of the job, enabling us to match to within one mile of an individual’s home.


    Users access welfare2work through three web-based portals tailored specifically for jobseekers, advisors and employers or employer engagement teams.


    The Jobseeker Portal provides your clients with their own area within the system that only they and their advisor can access. This gives them effective job-searching tools:

  • job search using criteria such as job title, keyword, location and salary;
  • the ability to upload a CV, which creates an editable profile;
  • the ability to create a profile with a skills building tool;
  • automatic matching against that profile;
  • a job basket in which to save jobs for later reference;
  • a record of jobs applied for and declined.
  • Advisors

    The Advisor Portal enables coaches or advisors to set-up and monitor the job seeking activity of their clients. It enables them to see all of their clients; to drill down into their activity logs, or even to login as a particular client.

    Their tools include:

  • setting up a new jobseeker on the system;
  • uploading a CV on behalf of that jobseeker;
  • building or improving the job profile with that jobseeker;
  • tracking their subsequent activity – including their reasons for declining a job;
  • vetting selected jobseekers’ applications – where they have a record of applying for unsuitable jobs.
  • Employers or Employer Engagement Teams

    The Employer Portal gives your staff or trusted employers direct access to post vacancies into the system.

    They can:

  • automatically search your talent pool for suitable candidates;
  • select individual candidates and invite them to apply;
  • add vacancies to a “ring-fenced” area that is only available to your job-seeking clients.


  • Gives your jobseekers a better chance of finding sustainable employment.
  • Simple to use – most jobseekers can be trained in minutes.
  • Links to optional self-service touch-screen kiosks: www.kiosk4jobs.com.
  • Empowers more jobseekers to be able to help themselves.
  • Future-proof – the product continues to be developed to meet emerging requirements including integration with mobile technology, e-learning and assessment tools.
  • Can be integrated with your CRM and CMS systems.
  • Employer engagement teams can use the system to identify new leads.
  • Provides a range of management information reports.
  • Helps you to meet your business objectives and targets.
  • All our data is managed by an ISO27001 hosting provider or it could be hosted in customers’ own environment if required.